What Should You Expect from Tire Service?

When it's time to get your tires serviced, you'll likely need to have them rotated. Your tires may be moved from back to front or diagonally depending on your car's needs.

Tires wear over time, and this will cause them to be uneven. Front tires often wear on the outer edges because of the way the tires lean when you turn. The back tires usually wear evenly since they follow the direction of the car when you turn. Poor alignment can, unfortunately, cause wear and tear on your tires.

You'll need to rotate the tires to ride smoother and to make driving safer. Tire rotating also extends the life of the tires, which can save you money in the future.

Even if you don't have your tires changed at your next tune-up, your technician will likely check the tire pressure, add more air to the tires if necessary and make sure there are no holes and leaks so that you can continue to drive safely. For tire service for your vehicle, contact us at Cooper Kia in Yorkville, NY.

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