Why Is It Difficult to Bleed Brakes Yourself?

Many people will bring their vehicles into our dealership to bleed or flush their brakes, because the process is a bit involved. Why is it difficult to bleed brakes yourself? Is brake fluid toxic?

Most brake fluid is made of glycol, which is a powerful chemical, which can strip your paint. Thus, when we complete brake fluid flushes, we make sure to wear protective safety gear. We don't want to strip your brand new paint finish.

Bleeding brakes can be a challenge because it takes time. Some will even use two men to complete the process. You also need to do it for all four wheels. One man hits the brakes and the other will open up the bleeder valve.

If you don't have time for all of this rigmarole, contact us for brake services. We do this every day and are true professionals. Our dealership provides superior brake services.
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